Chester pre-school takes urgent action after inadequate Ofsted report

A CHESTER pre-school has taken all the steps necessary to get it back on track following an ‘inadequate’ Ofsted inspection report.

Ofsted inspectors carried out an inspection at HETTY (Hoole Enterprise Trust – Time for You), at the site of Hoole C of E Primary and Nursery School, on November 9, 2022.

They found it to be ‘inadequate’ in all categories – quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.

Inspectors, in their report, said: “Children’s health and safety is compromised. Routines, such as handwashing and access to drinking water, are not known and followed well enough.”

Providing further details, the inspectors said: “Children in the pre-school room have no access to tissues. Staff do not encourage them to wipe their own noses. Drinking water is not made accessible. On a chilly morning, children play at a water tray outdoors and staff do not guide them to wear another layer of clothing over their T-shirts.”

The inspection noted absences of key staff, with the nursery manager “working hard to provide strategic leadership at the same time as covering the roles of absent managers and staff.”

Ofsted issued a ‘Welfare Requirements Notice’ for the pre-school, calling on the provider to implement a number of measures within two weeks.

The pre-school was ordered to identify and manage risks to children’s safety; implement an effective system for supervising manager and staff that leads to continuous improvement in the quality of the provision; ensure that drinking water is always accessible; ensure that hygiene routines, such as handwashing, are clear and always followed; and to implement an effective key-person system.

In addition, the pre-school was ordered to ensure that staff tailor the curriculum to what children are ready to learn next, so that children are challenged, interested and make good progress; train staff to implement routines that promote children’s independence, so that children learn to make informed decisions that promote their good health; and support staff to ensure that every activity and interaction helps children to extend their vocabulary and communicate confidently.

Ofsted inspectors returned to the nursery on December 7 for a regulatory visit, to check whether these improvements had been carried out.

The inspectors reported: “We found that the provider had reviewed and improved staff deployment which helps staff to identify and manage any possible risks to children’s safety.

“The arrangements for overseeing the provision have improved. Staff induction, training and supervision processes have been prioritised for all staff, to help them fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

“Staffing levels have increased. Leaders are now able to monitor staff practice and ensure that routines, such as handwashing, are consistently followed.

“Children can help themselves to drinking water when they choose to, this helps them to develop healthy lifestyles and supports their physical development.

“The provider has enhanced the key-person system. Parents and carers of young children have been reminded of the name of their child’s key person. Younger children are now based with their key person for the most part of the day. Older children who attend the out-of-school provision now have a named key person, as is required.

“This helps to ensure that care is tailored to meet all children’s individual needs and to promote consistency in working with parents.

“We are satisfied with the action taken by the provider. The provider is still registered with Ofsted.”

Early years providers which receive an ‘inadequate’ rating are reinspected within six months of the last inspection.

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