Eyemazy Chester: Unique eye art store will be a UK first

Eyemazy will be located on Bridge Street, near the entrance to the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, and will officially open on Saturday, April 22.

With shops in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Dubai, France, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands and the US, Eyemazy has come a long way from its beginning at trade fairs in the German countryside.

The company’s specialised Photobox takes ultra high-resolution photos of the subject’s iris, which are then turned into vibrant prints to decorate your home.

Ursula from Eyemazy Chester said: “There are 8 billion people in the world, and every single one has a unique eye. Eyemazy creates art out of the iris, and shows unbelievable detail.

Chester and District Standard: Eyemazy uses ultra high-resolution photography of the iris to create unique artwork.Eyemazy uses ultra high-resolution photography of the iris to create unique artwork. (Image: Eyemazy)

“During the session of photographing the iris, our optical experts provide information about each individual eye, and the aspects that makes each one different.

“It is incredible, and can be quite emotional! Our artists can also take multiple eyes, and make it in to a family piece.”

Speaking about the decision to open in Chester, Ursula said: “We chose Chester for its heritage and uniqueness! It is a beautiful place to be a part of.”

Prints range from affordable £25 direct prints which will be given to the customer on the same day, to more customised orders which can be applied to different materials and produced at different sizes. These can be ordered either in store or from the website.

Eyemazy will officially open on Bridge Street in Chester on April 22.

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