Johnny Vegas surprises staff at Wirral’s The Mess cafe

FUNNYMAN Johnny Vegas surprised staff and customers at a New Brighton cafe when he popped in during a visit to the seaside town.

The St Helens-born actor and comedian was in the area on Sunday afternoon (October 16) and had paid a visit to Fort Perch Rock, stopping off for a quick cup of tea at The Mess cafe, which is located inside the iconic building.

Cafe owner Dane Brookes said: “He just popped in, wasn’t expecting that. He said he’d heard about the Fort and wanted to have a look around.

“He was a really nice bloke, didn’t have any problems with people asking to have pictures with him.

“You hear stories about celebrities not being as you expect them to be if you get to meet them, but Johnny was quite gracious.

“He said he’ll be coming back to the cafe, to see the Escape Room.”

The Escape Room Dane referred to is Escape the Fort, a World War 2 themed escape room centre inside the Fort.

Players will be transported to September 1940, where they will need to crack codes, test their wits and keep their cool under pressure to save the Fort, and the country, from invasion.

Dane said: “The [escape room] game is fully immersive, with authentic props and actors creating a truly unique experience.

“The attraction will be suitable for people of all ages. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.”

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