Parents asked to sign charter to solve parking problems at school

PUPILS at a primary school in Ellesmere Port have launched a new Parent Parking Charter to help alleviate parking problems outside their school gates.

It is also helped the move will encourage more active methods of travel for the school run at St Saviour’s Catholic Primary School 

Pupils have worked with the council’s Road Safety Team, local Police Community Support Officers (PSCOs) and teachers to develop the new charter, which will challenge the way people travel to school and ease problems caused by inappropriate parking.

This project is in addition to both the cycle and pedestrian training that has taken place at the school, to encourage parents and pupils to walk/cycle/scoot to school to improve their health at the same time as reducing the number of cars outside the school at pick up and drop off times.

This road safety initiative sees parents, drivers and school visitors make a pledge to reduce congestion and conflict outside school as well as raising awareness of parking safely on surrounding local roads.

St Saviours School is asking parents and carers to use the car park on Thelwall Road by the shops or Hope Farm and walk the remaining five to 10 minutes to school, particularly at peak times. 

The school also ran a competition to find a slogan for a parking charter banner.  Their winning slogan was ‘Show you care, park elsewhere’.

Pupils and staff working with both council and PCSOs looked at the issues outside the school and came up with rules and regulations to help improve the parking problems. 

Parents or carers and visitors will be asked to sign a pledge to stick to all the rules set out in the new Parent Parking Charter. 

The aim is to see a safer environment outside the school gates for children and neighbours, and to encourage more active methods of travel to get to school.

Chester and District Standard | Education