Sainsbury’s apologises after Cockhedge spelling error

RED-faced Sainsbury’s has apologised for a spelling error of Cockhedge Shopping Park in Cheshire.

The supermarket giant, who also owns Argos, recently referred to the shopping centre as ‘Cockhead’ on a leaflet sent out to Warrington residents.

The leaflet was to help direct shoppers to the new Argos store which has moved from Cockhedge to Sainsbury’s on Church Street.

But on the leaflet, a map of the area labelled the shopping centre as ‘Cockhead Shopping Park’.

After receiving the leaflet, one Warrington resident said: “Sainsbury’s and Argos are having a nightmare with their marketing department. 

“Must be easily 500,000 leaflets sent out across Warrington calling the Cockhedge Shopping Park the Cockhead.”

Commenting on the spelling error, a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We recently sent local residents a leaflet to help direct them to the new Argos store.

“We’re sorry it included a spelling mistake and look forward to welcoming customers to the new Argos store inside our Sainsbury’s Warrington store, which is just a short walk from the previous location in the Cockhedge Shopping Park.”

Chester and District Standard | Business