The Firs School in Chester organise Bikeability training

The Firs School in Newton Lane have recently organised Level 1 Bikeability training for their Year 6 pupils so that they understand the importance of cycling road safety.

The independent school provided pupils with two Bikeability instructors who taught the children for a week. Once they had practised on the playground in the mornings, the afternoons were spent off site practicing on nearby roads.

Bikeability is based on the government’s National Standard for cycle and instructor training. It prepares people to cycle everywhere cycling is permitted, and contributes to delivering the transport, environmental, health and economic benefits that cycling offers.

Around 2.3 percent of primary school pupils in Chester travel to school by bike, this increases at secondary school level to nearly 5 percent, meaning that courses like this may be crucial for keeping children safe.

Headteacher Rosemary Evans said: “The children really enjoyed learning about the benefits of cycling and receiving skills and safety training. We pride ourselves on providing our pupils with a wide range of skills so when they leave the school they are ready for their next educational adventure.”

Chester and District Standard | Education